TopTenCrypto.Today FAQ

Q: What is TopTenCrypto.Today?
A: TopTenCrypto.Today is a free toplist system that ranks crypto related stuff by popularity. Those crypto items with the most votes get a higher rank and usually receive lots more awareness for their own crypto project.

Q: How often are the rankings reset?
A: We reset all votes to 0 daily, this allows visitors to vote on their top crypto items once a day.

Q: What is required to submit your crypto item to TopTenCrypto.Today?
A: It is required that your submission is for official crypto related items and that you set up a verifiable link back to TopTenCrypto.Today. Accounts that are not cryptocurrency related and/or with unverfied link back URLs are not allowed on our top 10 crypto system.

Q: How long does it take to get approved?
A: All approvals are done manually, please allow up to 72 hours for your crypto item to be approved after submission. Your backlink URL will be checked prior to approval.Contact us if you have waited for approval longer than 72 hours.

Q: Why submit your crypto related item?
A: Your cryptocurrency item will be on a unique top 10 site that ranks crypto related items using a fair system. The crypto items with most unique visitors are ranked at the top and we manually go through submissions to make sure each crypto item submitted follows all the rules. By submitting your crypto related item, you will be able to reach a lot of new potential investors to your crypto project.

Q: Are there any guarantees when submitting your crypto related item?
A: There are way to many variables to make any kind of guarantees ... BUT, what I can tell you is ... we will do our very best to make sure your crypto item succeeds because when we successfully send more potential customers to your crypto items and services, other crypto item owners will take notice and sign up to TopTenCrypto.Today as well. So it's in our best interest to send you lots of new potential customers and investors.

Q: Why is my crypto item not shown in the list?
A: Only the top ten crypto items of each category will have their crypto item or service shown. There is currently no other way to get your crypto item or service shown in the top ten list unless you get enough votes to be ranked in the top ten list.

Q: How do I add the backlink for TopTenCrypto.Today?
A: Crypto admins who join TopTenCrypto.Today are given a url backlink code to put on their site and link back to our Top 10 crypto lists. If you have any questons or concerns about adding TopTenCrypto.Today's backlink to your crypto related item or service URL, reach out and contact us.

Q: How can I support TopTenCrypto.Today?
A: A lot of volunteered time, money and effort are invested into running and operating TopTenCrypto.Today ... please support this site by giving a backlink to Top 10 crypto and help keep it free or donate BTC: 1NeDZyxMHVZGWxYFg9HSbhem2C5dKsL8MA

Q: How do I become a 'featured member'?
A: TopTenCrypto.Today has a built-in Featured Member option that picks a top crypto site at random that a visitor might be able to use. .There is nothing you need to do to become a 'featured member'.

Q: What if my issue is not listed here, what should I do?
A: Feel free to reach out and contact us.

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